Conservation + Education

We need your help

Through the Bookend Trust, we have established the Tasmanian Albatross Fund. Our aim is to ensure Tasmania’s albatross populations are understood and conserved, now and into the future. A tax deductible donation to the Tasmanian Albatross Fund will help ensure the continuation of existing long-term monitoring and conservation programs and help fund effective ongoing education and outreach initiatives.


Collaborating for a special cause

Eve Howard is a ceramic sculptor. Working full time from her studio in South Eastern Tasmania and producing a range of sculptural pieces inspired by her wild island home.

In 2016, Eve was asked to be a part of a collaborative exhibition with photographer Matt Newton at Wild Island Gallery at Salamanca, Hobart, Tasmania, entitled ‘Albatross: The world of Tasmania’s mysterious shy albatross’.

'Albatross have been a part of my work for many years now, as an artist and maker they have brought both immense joy and also heart break and tears, as through my own process of development, not all pieces make it through the firing process.'

Eve and albatross biologist Rachael Alderman spent a day building an albatross nest in Eve’s studio at Sommers Bay which became a vessel to hold a 3D printed Shy Albatross egg.

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Educational Programs

Search for the Shy Albatross

The 2015 adventure was to get a glimpse of the shy albatross and find out more about the lives of these and other seabirds, and to discover what’s special about islands and the plants and animals that inhabit them. Rachael Alderman is a biologist who knows these birds and this area as well as anyone. You can still help her by doing the student-science project to monitor nesting sites through photographic analysis. Students from K-6 can relive the journey in their classrooms and access the lessons anytime.